Public servant gave false evidence to ccc twice in last year’s corruption probe,” says BJP leader Manoj Tiwari. The CBI alleges that the officer gave false evidence to both the 바카라사이트committees.

“The CBI will go after all the officers that were present in this case and take appropriate action against them,” Tiwari added.

Tiwari said the probe into allegations of corruption and irregularities have dragged on for 18 mon바카라사이트ths, and that neither BJP government nor the CCC can afford to be complacent. He said as BJP’s prime ministerial nominee in Delhi, he cannot afford to be complacent.

“The CBI will probe further…they will take firm stand and I will be sure that CBI can make the best of the investigation,” said Tiwari, speaking to reporters in Delhi.

On March 5, former Congress leader Suresh Mehta was appointed the CBI director, while Nandini Gupta, the former head of the Central Vigilance Commission, was appointed as special commissioner in charge of CBI. Both have been confirmed by their respective governments.

Gurgaon-based activist Pankaj Mishra, who also filed a petition in the Sugospelhitzpreme Court on Thursday, alleged that the senior officer was aware about the “unprecedented corruption probe” before he passed the case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). “It is impossible that the accused police officers were given false evidence in a previous corruption case and then got their jobs. It is very shocking,” Mishra said.

Jairam Ramesh, a former BJP MLA and the current MLA in the Congress, said: “BJP’s PM nominee in Delhi is likely to lead the charge against corruption in the criminal system of India. No other political party is prepared to stand up to Modi at the Centre.”

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