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When your business partners have the authority to say they’re being “bullied” or “harassed” just by asking a question, you have to respect that. If you’re really in it for profit, you’ll try to sell yourself off as a celebrity, not as a genuine member of the industry, for that matter. In the case of PETA, they did exactly that over the last year, creating yet another company to promote their work (who else is going to be paying for all the fake images to go up on their website, you ask?) while simultaneously lying about their work with a media blitz that was totally fake — with PETA, the “animal rights” movement is going through the exact same type of PR nightmare they had going on with Sesame Street back in the ’90s. So while you can laugh at them for doing what they do — you can also realize that their behavior doesn’t really look very legitimate. And yet, they’ve done it all before and we’re going to ignore them just because it’s fun.

To be fair, PETA is not the first animal rights group that goes to such lengths to discredit the work of other groups. There was also a group who tried to defraud members of the LGBT community in the late ’90s (by claiming to have a “gay-free zone” in New York — something the group was unable to provide any proof of) by attempting to smear the group that supposedly helped support the rights and equality of the LGBT community — to the point that a group that has worked to stop euthanizing dogs who have been abused, abandoned, or abused to death mjarvees.comade up their own bogus “gay-free zones” to further claim support from the community. This sort of thing is all just stupid, stupid, stupid. And the more people you have to convince of false claims by making them up, the more they’ll continue to do it.

And this isn’t just the Internet, either. If you’re the victim of the company, or the press, or whatever the case may be, there’s no way you can avoid using your company as a vehicle to pjarvees.comromote jarvees.comyourself and spread your propaganda in the hopes that people will believe in it. It’s why I say, if you’re already going to do all these PR stunts for the benefit of a corporation that yo